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Terri M Miles is originally from Monroe Louisiana where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from Northeast Louisiana University anticipating working in the juvenile justice system. When Terri’s spouse, David, encouraged her to attend law school, the family relocated their home to New Orleans where she graduated from Tulane Law School in 1992. Terri clerked at the U. S. Attorney’s Office in New Orleans while attending Tulane and was admitted to the Louisiana State Bar in 1992. Initially she practiced law as a solo attorney in a general civil practice. Being a parent with a “blended family” with four children, {yours, mine, and ours}, it soon became apparent that she was most passionate in the area of family law. Terri believes she is able to identify easily with her clients by having personally experienced every aspect of family law she has litigated.

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  • Terri Miles is by far the most amazing person, woman, lawyer and friend I have ever met. For the past 3 years she has became a part of my family spending countless hours, loss of sleep, and a whole lot of dedication of herself to fight for my son as if he was her own. 5 years ago I was tricked into signing what I thought was temporary guardianship over to the paternal great aunt. I was then blocked out of my son’s life, was not able to have anything to do with him, see him, or be a mother. When I found my now husband and he became aware of my situation he knew something was wrong with how things went and pointed me to Mrs. Terri Miles. She reviewed the case and picked it up immediately and has been non-stop working on my case. Since I have met Mrs. Terri I have been able for the past 3 years to be apart of my son’s life, grow a relationship with him, become domicile parent, get involved in school and extra curriculum activities, tuck my son into bed, raise him, and hear my son say “I love you mommy, your the best mommy no one ever had but me” and “most people say I love you to the moon and back but mommy I love you to the sun and back because no one says That” and finally “mommy I want to be like you when I grow up.” I have came so far in 3 years with and only with the dedication, heart and soul of this woman! She takes on cases and makes them personal and fights as if she’s fighting for her own, my family and I owe everything and more to her for putting our family back together, thank you Mrs. Terri

  • Terri Miles is a very caring lawyer, she is easy to talk too and she listens..I appreciate her kindness , she knows her stuff.

  • Terri has represented our family in four adoptions. Two of those adoptions have been through the State of Louisiana’s Foster Care System, and two have been handled through private adoptions. Terri has been able to help us navigate our family. as well as our children, through a sometimes cold legal system and come out the other end of it intact and whole. We will always appreciate her hard work, and sincere dedication!

  • Terri Miles is a professional through and through. Her commitment to my son’s case was beyond reproach. While working on the case one would think it was the only she had. Phone calls and emails were answered promptly and requests were attended to immediately. I recommend Terry Miles as lawyer and family advocate.

  • Mrs. Terri Miles is an amazing woman and lawyer. She takes on her clients case and fights as if she’s fighting for herself. She has a passion and love for children and family. She has helped bring my son back to his me after I was tricked into signing my gaurdianship over. After a year are two of me trying on my own to have my son I reached out to Mrs. Terri and I am now farther along with my son then I have ever been. She is always there no matter what and every case has the same importance to her. She is not only an amazing Lawyer but also an amazing woman.

  • One of the most hard working lawyers I have ever met..she is all in it for parents rights and fights hard for our children…she has made leaps and bounds in my case..got me futher than I could have imagined.

  • Terri consistently out maneuvered the opposing counsel. She was always fully prepared for meetings with the hearing officer and in court. She is exceptionally professional and is a sincere advocate for her client. Terri cares about doing the right thing for her client and the children involved in the divorce.

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  • Board Certified Family Law Specialist
  • Certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization
  • Qualified Family Law Mediator
  • Qualified in Collaborative Divorce
  • Notary Public